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  • Sat, 15:00: Jack Nicholson hates being interviewed - he has never been on a talk show since 1971
  • Sat, 18:51: Sony KDL-46HX723BU 46 inch 3D Sony Bravia LED HDTV XR 400Hz Motionflow Free Review & 5 Year Warranty
  • Sat, 23:46: Oprah is a typo. She was supposed to be called the biblical name Orpah, but the midwife could not spell!
  • Sun, 04:25: The word Avatar is Sanskrit for "Incarnation" and is used in Hindu scripture to refer to human incarnations of god
  • Sun, 08:04: The Movie Jaws was the first film to gross at the box office $100 million in 1975
  • Sun, 12:09: The original title for Ghostbusters was Ghostsmashers


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